For many years, Certified Home Inspection Service has been one of the leading home inspection companies in the Los Angeles area. During a home inspection, we perform a visual inspection of all the major elements of your potential new home. The purpose of this inspection is to alert you to any potential problems, as well as to inform you of any major defects in the property that may influence your decision about whether or not to purchase it.

A standard home inspection should include a visual inspection of the following parts of the house:

Heating System

As part of our inspection of the heating system, we are required to document the type of heating system in use in the home, the method that heat is distributed throughout the building, and to check for common problems or defects associated with the system in question. We will also test the heating system by turning up the thermostat and checking the response. Vents, flues, and chimneys will also be inspected for any obvious defects.

Air Conditioning System

We will perform a visual inspection of the air conditioning system to ensure that all seals, lines, and visible ductwork are in working order. We will check to make sure that the exterior unit has been properly maintained and cleared of debris. Weather permitting, the air conditioning system will be tested, and we will check to ensure that the system is cooling all areas of the home equally.

Interior Plumbing

We will test the water supply by flushing toilets and running all faucets to check for leaks and to make sure there is an appropriate amount of water pressure. We will examine drainage pipes for signs of past leakage, and check whether supply line valves can be turned on and off without resistance or leaking. We will also inspect the water heater and examine pipes for signs of rust or corrosion. Finally, we will check around toilets, sinks, showers, and major appliances for any sign of cracked or warped flooring that could be the result of frequent leaks or spills.

Electrical System

A properly functioning electrical system in a home is critical for the safety of the residents, as electrical system problems are responsible for thousands of house fires every year. We will examine the electrical service panel for signs of age, wear, and damage, and ensure that it is using components that are up to current safety standards. We will inspect switches to make sure that they are functioning, and inspect outlets to make sure they are properly tightened and have no signs of previous short circuits or unusual heating. We will also test to make sure that your electrical system is properly grounded, and inspect the electrical box.


A roofing inspection is meant to determine the condition of the roof itself as well as its drainage system. The largest factor that will impact a roof’s effectiveness is the age. We inspect the roof for signs of aging and weathering, as well as check for any individual shingles that may be damaged or leaking. We will check for signs of leaking, and make sure that the drainage system is clear and functioning properly.


We will inspect the condition of any visible insulation in the attic, as well as check for moisture or any obvious damage. We will perform a thorough visual inspection for damage, cracks, and mold. We will check roof vents to ensure they have been maintained and have not been blocked by debris or animal nests. We will check support beams and trusses for signs of bowing, which could indicate the roof needs more support.

Home Interior

We will inspect floors, ceilings, and walls for water damage or sagging. We will inspect staircases and railings to make sure they are safe, and check the condition and operation of windows and doors. We will also assess the condition of all countertops, cabinets, and any appliances that will be sold with the home. Finally, we will check the operation and condition of the garage door and garage door opener.

Home Exterior

We will inspect exterior siding and any attached porches, balconies, or decks to determine that they are sturdy and undamaged. We will also inspect driveways, sidewalks, and patios. We will inspect the quality of the surface drainage, as well as any vegetation or grading issues that may cause trouble for the structure.

Foundation Inspection

Home Inspection

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